Telecom sector has achieved exceptional growth in last 10 years and have also generated opportunities for growth in other sectors across world. In third world countries, capital investment needed for telecom infra creation has generated opportunities for concept called “INFRA SHARING”. Infrastructure for telecom is being managed by these companies and same infrastructure is being shared by different operators. The biggest challenge these infrastructure companies are facing are – the power and energy situation at a cell site. Grid Power, Diesel Generator, Battery Back-up, renewable energy resource are used to provide continuous power supply to the telecom towers to keep the equipments functioning. Efficient and cost effective management of these various power resources is required to meet service level agreements.


Our solution TIMS (Tele Infrastructure Management System) is being used as Utility Monitoring Tool for telecom applications. Intelligent embedded devices are being installed at remote cell sites, which integrates with different passive transducers. Locally collected data is being sent to centralized remote server, where data monitoring is being done. Powertech analytics generates various reports, graphs and intelligence to provide better management of Telecom sites.

TIMS has been deployed on around 5000 sites across the globe.

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