Smart Surveillance System is a motion based camera detection system. It can detect motion of objects, human, lights, and so on. The product is design to record videos and Images which can be seen onself hosted website. It also sends three images from the starting and 2 images at the ending to the GMS server, which is non-volatile with time and memory. These images can be seen from GMS webpage.

  1. Technical Specification
  2. Operating voltage             :          18VDC-60VDC
  3. Current             :          500mA-2000mA (suggested 2000mA)
  4. Dimension             :          29cm x 12cm x 9.5cm
  5. working temperature :           0 to 65 degree Celsius
  6. Range of detection :           Depending upon view of area  
  7. Direct access over Internet
  8. Wi-Fi enabled.