In industrial and commercial sector, Static Voltage Regulator is used to provide steady power output to the connecting load irrespective to the fluctuating input power supply. This will not only maximize the life of the connected appliances/load, it also gives energy savings by minimizing heat loss due to voltage fluctuations. Our SVR system is capable to process all three phase supply individually to ensure desired voltage output.

  • 1) Wide input voltage range.
  • 2) Overload, Over voltage, Low voltage protection.
  • 3) Independent control panel for each phase.
  • 4) High Efficiency up to 99.5%.
  • 5) Ease of transfer of load to utility via Auto/bypass Rotary Switch. 
  • 6) Silent operations.
  • 7) Fast Voltage Correction speed as 400 Volts per milliseconds.
  • 8) Low Maintenance as there is no moving parts, no wear and tear hence low maintenance.
  • 9) Compact size, high reliability: Static voltage stabilizer has compact size and it is light in weight compared to servo AC Voltage Stabilizer.