In industrial and commercial sector, Fire Alarm Systems plays an crucial role to minimize loss of valuable assets and Human being. Our Fire Alarm System is equipped with multiple smoke detector sensor inputs with LED indication which help to identify the exact Zone where fire occurred along with Hooter Alert.

  • 1) This module is very user friendly, compact and totally safe in its operation.
  • 2) State of Art Micro controller based system.
  • 3) Supports multiple fire alarm input and LED display for specific Alarm Zone.
  • 4) 2 no’s of NO/NC contacts for Fire Alarm Extension if required.
  • 5) Facility to Test LED display, Accept and Reset function of Alarms.
  • 6) Supports Auto Shift Dual Power supply (either 230 VAC or 48 VDC) for system reliability.
  • 7) One fail safe contact to extend alarm for in Absence of Power supply to Fire Panel.