In the industrial and commercial sector or remote areas where supervision and control are required, the Smart Time Totalizer is design to read the potential free data of electricity board and diesel generator. It has a capability to hold the data of available electricity board and diesel generator.

  The Smart Time Totalizer store the data of every day’s reading. The data can be retrieve up to last 30 days and reset the reading every day. The device has a inbuilt Wi-Fi facility to retrieve the data using HTTP web hosting.

  The Smart Time Totalizer is highly secured with a specific ID and Password. The data can be retrieve in encoded form on HTTP using a specific IP address. The person who wants to retrieve the data  should be in the range of at least 15 meters

  The device is design with the consideration that user can use it without any difficulty or connecting any wire or PC. The device can simply connect with smart phone or any other Wi-Fi enabled device using a specific Wi-Fi username and password


Device Specification

Input– EB




Data(Per Day)

EB Run Hour,

DG Run Hours,

Battery Run Hour,

Overlap Run Hours

Data Format

Excel Sheet

Data Access

PC/Tablet/Smart Phone





Auxiliary Supply

48VDC, 500mA

Mode of Communication

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Setting

No (due to security concern)

Operating Temperature

-10 to +60 Degree Celsius

Coverage Area

15 meters (LOS)