Advanced Audio Visual Alarm System monitor alarm inputs read by the systems. It show the visual status of the alarms on the display and generate instant audio alert by voice.
The system is design to provide instant broadcast information or alarms. It speaks out the alarm’s name and make it continues till accept button not pressed. For example input alarm-1 is allocated to    say “It’s an emergency Fire alarm is coming”. The device will speak out till it will not vanish or somebody will not press accept button and If accept button is pressed still it will be available on display till alarm is continues and voice broadcast will be stop. All the alarms are editable and can be configured as user want, which is in admin panel and it’s password protected. The user can enable or disable the alarms as per need. The Advanced Audio Visual Alarm Controller has  an full-size HDMI output port to connect with any monitor which has HDMI port. Likewise for audio 4-pole stereo output.