Variation in 3-phase supply has been always a problem in the industry. Whenever any phase voltage becomes higher (>240) or lower ( <210) it degrades the performance and operating life of connected devices.

A solution to such a problem is “AUTO PHASE SELECTOR” which automatically senses the variation in any phase and intelligently switches to the phase having healthy voltage (210-240) without human intervention.

An Auto Phase Selector is a device that intelligently senses the phases and if it detects any large variation (lower voltage or higher voltage) in any phase it quickly changes the supply phase with one in the healthy range or says the best phase out of (RYB) phases.

  • 1) Microcontroller based device with continuous three phase sensing.
  • 2) Automatic healthy phase selection without human intervention.
  • 3) Provision to select Manual or Auto Mode of operation.
  • 4) Wide input voltage range of 160-280 Volt AC per phase.
  • 5) Three-phase visual indication on the front panel.
  • 6) Provision to read individual phase input and output voltages over voltmeter by a voltage selector switch.
  • 7) In manual mode, selection of phase through a selector switch.
  • 8) Easy to install.