The main motive of DCFTS, is to maintain cabin temperature by optimizing A.C. operation through continuous inside and outside temperature monitoring. And according to the temperature difference, Air Conditioner and DC Fans will be controlled through controller. Here, DC Fan Tray is used to insert outside air in the cabin to maintain inside temperature to reduce energy consumption.


  • This module is very user friendly, compact and totally safe in its operation.
  • It works on micro controller based programming.
  • Easey to set inside and outside temperature through front panel navigation keys.
  • Continuous display of inside and outside temperature on the panel.
  • Single set point for both temperature settings.
  • Separate relay to control AC.
  • DC Fan tray with high positive pressure consist of 6 small Fans. Individual Fan tray used for exhaust of hot air and suction of cool air from outside.
  • These fans tray have high positive pressure due to which it has effective hot air excavation rate.
  • Highly energy efficient consume less than 50% which is very less as compared to other FCU systems. Generally other FCU system consume 200 to 400 watts.