The Business Intelligence solution gives complete information about the operations performed, those which are ongoing and which are to be performed in the future to increase the overall performance.

The Business intelligence solutions provided by Powertech Enginerring Solutions are robust solutions, Our Business Intelligence Solutions helps in energy conservation, a large amount of energy is consumed by the industrial sector, commercial and residential sector, our intelligent solutions are used to generate various reports that are very helpful in analyzing the overall performance and taking the right decision to save energy, time and money.

These methods assist in gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to intelligent information about this company’s data in order to identify significant trends or patterns that ultimately enable a decision-making process.

Our business intelligence solution consists of various sections such as reporting, Dashboards and Analysis. Bulk of data is of no use unless some decision can be made out of it, the Business Intelligence Solutions offered by Powertech. Helps in generating reports with the help of collected data, on the basis of the reports generated proper analysis and decisions are made. Dashboards are a static, at-a glance report or a drillable interface that makes it easy to derive additional insight. Powertech’s Business intelligence solutions include NOC facility, which provides network centralization and gives you the instant reports anywhere across the world.