Smart Power Interface Unit is an intelligent device that continuously monitors 6parameters which include main supply, the Battery voltage of DG, DG voltage, Shelter Room Temperature, Battery Voltage of Power Plant, and DG Run Time(T1). This intelligent controller checks the status of DG in case of mains fail and will continuously monitor the above parameters as fed by user. All the conditions & faults are continuously displayed on LCD for proper understanding. If mains is available for last 24 hr then it on DG for test time (T2) without load shifting.

  • 1) Based on Advance microcontroller technology.
  • 2) All settings are fully password protected.
  • 3) Separate alarm extension facility for all faults.
  • 4) User-Friendly Programming key.
  • 5) Individual LED indication for different parameters.
  • 6) Temperature sensing through high sensitive electronic sensor.
  • 7) Runs the site on Battery mode and continuously monitor the battery voltage as well as Room temperature.
  • 8) It starts the DG and runs the site on DG power if any of the above two parameters cross their threshold level.
  • 9) LCD display with backlight.
  • 10) Optical isolation.
  • 11) Sheet metal, powder-coated, wall mounting Enclosure.