Energy can be defined in many ways but in simple words, it can be defined as the ability to do work, nowadays the use of Renewable source of energy has become more common practice as compared to the use of Non-renewable sources of energy. As the best way to conserve energy is to use more renewable energy sources and to cut down on our energy use.

The conservation of energy starts from its measurement Today energy conservation and effective energy management system is one of the key challenges for both the developed as well as developing countries.

When India’s overall consumption of energy is compared to its gross domestic production its relative consumption is very high. The cost of commercial energy is also high compared to that in most other countries. The industrial sector consumes about 50% of the total commercial energy produced. There is a growing need to bring about improvement in the efficiency of energy use in the industrial sector. The industrial sector uses about 50% of the total commercial energy available in India. Of the commercial sources of energy, coal, lignite, and oil and natural gas are mainly used.


The world is moving towards a sustainable energy future with an emphasis on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. Energy management is very important as all well-planned actions can help reduce an organization’s energy bills and minimize the damage it does to the environment. Whether the energy is generated from a renewable source or from a non renewable source it has to be conserved and the best way to save any kind of energy is switch it off, but that is something not possible the other way to conserve energy is to reduce its wastage. Which is possible by measuring the amount of energy used and the amount of energy wasted.

Environmental issues such as global warming, soil erosion, water conservation, energy conservation has added new dimensions to develop alternate source that are clear and efficient. The two main energy management strategies are conservation and efficiency. This requires the establishment of a system of collection, analysis, and reporting on the organization’s energy consumption and costs.Our solutions are designed to take measures that are required to conserve energy the offerings which are given by Powertech helps you to save energy one or the other way. Our solutions we can monitor your assets with our equipments and can reduce the energy wastage. By measuring the amount of energy used and the amount of energy with the help of Remote monitoring system. The Remote monitoring system helps you to save time, money and energy from anywhere across the world. It gives you complete information about the energy used and energy wasted by your asset. Use of this system helps you to monitor your assets remotely and it also reduces human interventions and increases the efficiency of your device.