• The device can be configured to store 6 mobile no. out of which one number is master and rest are slaves.
  • Ability to extends 7 alarms to 6 pre-defined mobile no via SMS.
  • The device also gives notification of Alarm once clear.
  • Device has a facility to edit or replace slaves mobile number as per priority using SMS command.
  • The device gives notification to master mobile when device is live.
  • The device will check input alarm for 5 sec, if alarm is persist for 5 sec then only it will send SMS to defined mobile number.
  • Network healthy LED indication
  • If the system healthy led is blinking and master mobile no receive system live message then device is running in the healthy mode
  • After first device boot user have to assigned master mobile number first, then only master has a authority to assigned other slave mobile numbers.
  • Replacing of master mobile number is only done by sending reboot command through SMS.
  • If master assigned any slave number then, device will acknowledge to both slave number as well as master mobile number
  • Replacement of SIM in device is only be done in off condition always.


  • Micro Controller based technology.
  • GSM based system. With single SIM slot.
  • Mobile number allotment through SMS facility.
  • Easy Setting.
  • 8 input alarms are provided by the alarm panel.