Powertech Generator Monitoring System provides you all the information about your generator, on your desktop. GMS (Generator Monitoring System) is a remote Monitoring and Control System, especially designed to monitor and control the generators placed in remote areas.

The GMS monitors the power generators placed at the remote areas and increases its Efficiency by monitoring the various parameters of generator, it works on GSM/ GPRS technology to track the variations in its parameters. The GMS monitors various parameters such as external power supply, the battery voltage, DG run hours, fuel level, etc. with the help of sensors and generates alarms in critical situations

In normal condition it generates highly elaborative and explanatory reports in the form of Graphs and comparative data sheet, which helps to keep track of the overall performance of Generators

The key features of the product are mentioned as follows:
  • 1) Monitor up to 8 Digital inputs, DG battery voltage, Temperature. Transducers Voltage
  • 2) Interactive reports in case, there is any need for keeping track of the overall fuel consumption.
  • 3) Monitors Fuel level & fuel theft.
  • 4) Immediate alarm sensing & Display.
  • 5) Fuel wastage Reductiony.
  • 6) AC Energy and Voltage Monitoring and Daily consumption Report

Block Diagram: Generator Monitoring System