Powertech Engineering  manufactured AIUS (Automated Integrated Utility System) is a power interface solution to ensure uninterrupted and transient free operation of the telecom sites. It incorporates all the essential components to support complete automation of the telecom site with the technology having true RMS measurement, for the controlling and monitoring of the Electro-mechanical services at the sites. It has reliability and fastest response time for telecom switching station.

It ensures smooth working of the telecom sites against erratic AC mains inputs & optimizes the running hours of the DG set. We have used High-speed micro controller results in high MTBF. The integral parts of this system are as shown below:


The Automated Integrated Utility System : AIUS is a power interface solution, it has been integrated for all the initial components to support total automation of the telecom site, to minimize the use of DG set, and to give an uninterrupted and transient free operation of telecom site.

AIUS uses high-speed micro controller based technology to control and monitoring the electro mechanical services at the site. This also ensures reliability and faster response time and offers a unique solution to all the problems of a telecom site.

The AIUS panel comprises of AMF Controller and built in Thyristorized Line controller (TLC). AIUS provides customer specific required rating and number of MCBs for further distribution to various loads.

The panel provides high quality regulated AC supply with very fast correction rate.

AIUS facilitates PFC i.e. Potential Free Contacts, for remote monitoring of external alarms. All alarms are potential free and may be connected to external displays/equipment as closed circuit when alarm is reported.