Surge Protection Device

Safe Energy Control Technology, or SEC for short, is the basis for durable and powerful lightning and surge protection. The core is the revolutionary spark gap which safely prevents any line follow current. This protects your system, including fuses and arresters. A separate arrester backup fuse is therefore no longer needed in all common applications.

Your advantages

  • Increased service life of the electrical installation, thanks to spark gap without line follow current
  • Inexpensive and space-saving installation by eliminating the need for a separate arrester backup fuse
  • Easy replacement in the event of servicing with protective devices which all feature a pluggable design
  • Predictive testing of the protective plug with the CHECKMASTER 2

Type 1 lightning current arrester with integrated backup fuse

FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID is the first pluggable type 1 arrester without line follow current with integrated surge-proof arrester backup fuse. Thanks to the newly-developed push-pull mechanism, the protective plug can be easily pulled out. The integrated latching holds it securely in the base element during discharge.

Installation is easy and flexible, thanks to the integrated backup fuse. This allows you to stay adaptable to installation locations while saving space and reducing wiring effort. The FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID is available for use in 230/400 V or 400/690 V power supply systems.

Type 1 lightning current arrester for 400/690 V

The FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-440 is specifically designed for higher nominal voltages. Thanks to its compact design and the consistent pluggability of the protective devices, it supports space-saving and flexible installation.

The technical performance of the FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-440 is unique in this compact format. The type 1 arrester is used in 400/690 V TN as well as 400 V IT power supply systems. Lightning currents up to 35 kA are safely handled.

Thanks to the high continuous voltage of 440 V and the strong shock and vibration resistance, the FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-440 is ideal for use in industrial systems and wind turbine

Type 1 lightning current arrester for 230/400 V

The FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-350 is ideal for use in the unmetered area of the main supply and for industrial applications.

The powerful FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-350 spark gaps without line follow current protect your systems every step of the way and significantly increase the service life of the electric installation. High voltage fluctuations and extreme lightning current loads up to 25 kA are no problem for the FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-350. Even lightning currents up to 50 kA can be handled with the FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS-264.

Like all other type 1 arresters in the SEC family, the FLASHTRAB-SEC-PLUS is also tested and certified as a type 2 arrester.

Type 1+2 lightning current arrester/surge protective device combination

The FLASHTRAB-SEC-T1+T2 is a genuine combination of a lightning current arrester and surge protective device. This type of arrester provides the ideal protection for environments with frequent switching operations.

Lightning currents are safely handled by the powerful spark gaps. This guarantees a low residual voltage, while dynamic surge voltages are reliably limited by the varistor-based type 2 arresters. This ensures optimum coordination between the spark gap and the varistor.

Minimize installation and maintenance effort considerably with the unique combined protective device, which has remained the only one of its kind for the past ten years. Now also available with spark gap without line follow current and newly designed type 2 arrester.

Type 2 surge protection

The type 2 compact surge protective device provides maximum performance and high short-circuit withstand capability on just 12 mm per channel.

The VALVETRAB-SEC can be easily installed in any small distribution panel, without a separate arrester backup fuse, up to a nominal current of 315 A for the main fuse.

The high discharge capacity and the low overall width mean that the VALVETRAB-SEC provides reliable surge protection for every power supply.

Type 2 surge protective devices are also available for DC current sources with linear operating characteristics.

Type 3 device protection for AC/DC applications

The PLUGTRAB-SEC is the powerful surge protection solution for end devices up to 230 V nominal voltage.

The newly developed internal disconnect device and the integrated arrester backup fuses provide increased safety in the event of electrical and thermal overload, regardless of the installed backup fuse.

For this reason, the PLUGTRAB-SEC is the reliable surge protection solution for AC and DC end devices.

We’re betting that you won’t see red for five years

With our low-wear protective devices, you won’t have to think about replacing wear parts for at least five years.

Thanks to the SEC technology, the high-quality components are particularly durable. However, should the status indicator signal the need for replacement within the first five years following your purchase, you will receive free replacement plugs. Simply send the affected plug back to us.