M5 Servo Drive Features

  •   Easy to Use

-PC Tool for configuration, tuning and debugging
-Easy gain tuning with automatic inertia estimating function
-rotary switch to configure the drive node address
•Intelligent Control
– Notch Filter for resonance suppression
√4-step notch filter
√2-step vibration suppression filter at the load position
√FFT function for real-time frequency analysis
– STO Mode

  • High Performance

-1.6kHz Frequency response
-19bit Absolute encoder (standard)
-FPU (Floating Point Unit)
-16kHz switching frequency
-Scalable analog output
-Gain switching modes


  • Capacity : 0.1kW to 15kW
  • Voltage : 200Vac / 400Vac
  •  Speed : 1500rpm / 3000rpm
  • Control : Pulse/Analog or Network
  •  Encoder : Absolute type (standard)
  •  Options available : Oil Seal, Brake
  • IP65

Pulse/Analog type Drive-Features

  • Supports Position Control by pulse input
  • Embedded Position Controls
    -Up to 64 Index Tables allows Position Control through I/O combination / table configuration
    -Possible to use without Upper controller
  • Modbus RTU Protocol
    -(RS-422, 2 x RJ45 connector)
    -Parameter management through HMI

Network type Drive- Features

  • Built-in EtherCAT Interface
    -100BASE-TX (100Mbps) Ethernet based communication
    -High speed, real-time capability and precise synchronization mechanism
    -Supports FoE, EoE, CoE functions
    -Max. 100m between nodes (2 x RJ45 connector)
    High speed position capture function (Touch Probe1, Touch Probe2)
    •Supports various operation modes (CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT, HM, IP, etc.)
    •Supports control Up to 16 axis