Digital solutions for the pharmaceutical value chain

Shorten time-to-market for medications and pharmaceuticals and win the race against time

New diseases require new medications, and growing competition calls for faster, leaner processes in all areas of business in pharmaceutical companies. Digitalizing pharmaceutical plants helps shorten market launch times and improve quality even more. We’re there to help you along the way. We’ll work with you to develop the ideal solutions for your specific requirements, combine your skills with our hardware and software portfolio, and help you digitalize your entire value chain. Together we can win the race against time.

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry

Digitalization at every point along the value chain helps the pharma industry get pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient more swiftly. Consistent, top-level quality and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all requirements of the law are essential factors. Other trends in the digitalization of pharmaceutical manufacturing include process optimization and continuous paperless production.

Horizontal and vertical digitalization of pharmaceutical processes

Data integration throughout the entire lifecycle ensures an accurate, consistent transfer of information from R&D to active ingredient manufacture and pharmaceutical production. The result is a shorter period from product development to market introduction as well as optimized production processes and capacities.

Vertical integration links the various levels from the field and automation to management, allowing you to turn process and product data into meaningful information that supports the decision-making process and improves productivity.

Total package for Pharma plant 4.0

The maximum effect can be achieved when automation hardware and industrial software work together, which means that both of these elements have been seamlessly integrated and perfectly tailored to the process requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Discover our entire offering, from research and development to the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing process and secondary processing of pharmaceuticals.

Services throughout the entire pharmaceutical plant lifecycle

Our end-to-end approach to services ensures maximum plant availability, flexible processes, comprehensive training, and reliable consulting services on all aspects of digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Specific services for your business

Improved operational excellence thanks to minimizing downtime and optimizing consumables, resources, and labor input. We work with you to develop new business models that maintain your performance, quality, and flexibility over the long term. Our experts help you sustain, promote, and improve your operations at every point in the plant and process cycle. We offer a customized range of consulting services to help you choose the best strategy for digitalization and get the most out of your digitalization potential. 

Customized digitalization strategy from the experts

Manufacturing medications and pharmaceuticals is complex, the requirements and regulations vary greatly, and the quality demands on processes and products are huge. Digitalization lets you keep all these requirements under control – but how and where do you start, and what steps should you take, and when? Our digitalization experts will be happy to help. Contact us and schedule a non-binding personal consultation.