To provide innovative and reliable solution for Remote monitoring and management of distributed critical infrastructure in a cost effective manner. The data collected over an Always On distributed network can help companies maintain a high uptime of operation.

Over last year Powertech has developed new technology, Powertech GreenTM, which links the data captured by remote monitoring systems to energy usage and efficiency patterns of the remote infrastructure components and subsystems. Powertech GreenTM generates key information for the infrastructure ompanies to manage their carbon footprint by taking preventive actions and phasing out older systems with newer greener systems.

  2.Key Components

Remote monitoring and management involves providing a unified framework for collecting, analyzing, monitoring and controlling of key remote parameters These parameters are required for reliable operation of remote infrastructure sites. Implementation of Remote infrastructure monitoring and management can be broken down into following sub-problems:

1- bullet Sensors for monitoring and controlling remote environment with alarm generation capability 2- bullet Remote Server with capability of collecting data from the sensors, handling alarms and setting up remote environment 3- bullet Communication interfaces and topology enabling remote server to collect data from multitude of sensor 4- bullet Central server for aggregation, analysis, management of data generated from remote environment 5- bullet sPowertech GreenTM provides key analysis of real-time data to manage carbon footprint

3.Potential markets

Remote monitoring and management solutions can be applied to following rapidly growing industries: bullet Wireless Communication which is delivered by rapidly growing number of base-stations. Each of the base station needs to have uptime of 99.9% or more and for proper working of switches installed in these “shelters” proper temperature, humidity, voltage level, current, battery health etc. Cellular phone Service providers outsource the infrastructure development and management to infrastructure companies and these companies are in turn interested in monitoring and controlling these remote sites. It is expected the number of shelters will grow from current number of 125000 to 420000.

bullet Railways and Transportation industry is in process of deploying GPS based systems to increase reliability and timeliness of the delivery of goods etc bullet Power sector bullet Cold storage containers bullet Surveillance from theft and other hazard in godowns, multistoried buildings etc. bullet Many more

4.Corporate Goal

Analog Powertech plans to be a global leader in this sector by providing innovative solutions which will scale to take care of the requirement for monitoring, power measurement and management of these critical infrastructure sites.

Analog Powertech solution use pervasive and low cost IP based technology to provide scalable solutions. The solutions are designed from ground up for each key sector to take care of growing needs of customer without major changes to underlying hardware and software platform. To execute on the proposed venture Analog Powertech has setup state of the art R&D facilities at Pune and Indore, India and Silicon Valley, California, with final production and distribution facility in Indore and Pune.

Analog Powertech is backed by enthusiastic individuals with proven and abroad background in SW development, Computer architecture, FPGA design, embedded systems, Power electronics and Wireless systems.

Analog Powertech has already invested many man years to build standard scalable platforms for different business solution requirements with standard software stacks which can be easily customized to different requirements.